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This is the Time of Year to Update your Ithaca Area Business Security Systems

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 in Blog, Ithaca locksmith

What a winter this year. Ithaca has seen it’s share of storms and wintry weather, along with a significant change in the economy. Our locksmith services in Ithaca encourage you to consider reviewing your current security measure. Your Ithaca area business may be suffering from the freezing temperatures and old lock sets that are not […]

Start The New Year With New Locks From Locksmith and Security CNY

The New Year is here! Welcome 2015. So many things to do with New Year’s resolutions, that your Ithaca locksmith wants you to consider a resolution to protect your home and business. Your home and possessions are the most valuable things you own. Why not take the time to carefully evaluate your current locks on […]

Remember Locksmith and Security CNY the Next Time you Lock Your Keys in the Car

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 in Blog, Ithaca locksmith, Locked Car, Locksmith

How many times have you locked your keys in the car?  It is the most upsetting and sometimes terrifying feeling to be stranded without a way to leave the area you are at. Locksmith and Security CNY is available 24/7 to provide you with emergency services in just such a situation. An Ithaca locksmith such […]

Our Ithaca Locksmith Says It’s The Perfect Time to Update Your Home’s Security

Wednesday, October 08th, 2014 in Blog, home security, Ithaca locksmith, Locksmith

Summer is over, school is back in session, kids have homework and a favorite sports team picked out for Saturdays. However, your work schedule stays the same along with all the responsibilities of being a homeowner. Winter is on the way and with it will come the Holidays and Snow. Fall in the Fingerlakes is […]

Ithaca Locksmith That Business Owners Can Count On Locksmith & Security CNY

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 in Blog, business security systems, Ithaca locksmith

As a business owner in the Ithaca area, you’ve just gotten through an amazing summer and are beginning to make preparations for the upcoming seasons. Be sure to evaluate your security needs as soon as possible in order that your property and business remain secure.  Your Ithaca locksmith is ready to help you. Today’s world […]

Home Owners Can Count on Locksmith and Security CNY

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 in Blog, home security, Ithaca locksmith

Owning a home is one of the major purchase we make in a lifetime. It’s important to keep up with the major and minor maintenance required to keep your home in tip top shape.  When it comes to protection and safety, you need a home security expert in Ithaca to review your current system, locks, […]

What to Do if You Lose Your Keys to Your Cayuga Lake Summer Home

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 in Blog, Ithaca locksmith

Summertime, summertime!  Such a wonderful time of the year, and you’re here at your summer home in the Cayuga Lake area. It’s a pleasure to have you back and we hope you enjoy your summer.  With all the events going on, distractions, visitors, and general packing and unpacking, it’s not unusual to lose your keys […]

Locksmith and Security CNY, Your Security Expert in the Finger Lakes Region

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 in Blog, home security, Ithaca locksmith

Your business and home security needs in the Finger Lakes Region of NY are of primary importance to Locksmith and Security CNY..  We service both Ithaca and Syracuse areas of the Finger Lakes Region regularly and look forward to providing you with the best security  installations, upgrades and maintenance available. With thousands of people who […]

Mobile Key Cutting Services for Upstate New York

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 in Blog, Ithaca locksmith, Syracuse locksmith

If you’re putting together a to-do list and realize that you need an extra key for your car or home, it’s not that difficult to take your existing key to a store and have it cut. However, our locksmith and security cny expert reminds you even if you’re just completing that simple task, it’s still […]

Locksmith Services for Ithaca New York: Find Out What We Do

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 in Blog, Ithaca locksmith

While it’s fairly common for people to accidentally lock themselves out of their car when they’re running errands during the morning or afternoon, it’s just as easy to realize you’re locked out when you go back to your car after a night out. Because this inconvenience can happen at any time of the day, the […]

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