As the Weather Warms Up, Consider Changing Your Ithaca Business Locks

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 in Blog, business security, home security
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Spring is here.  The weather is warming up and people are out and about.  Your company or business in Ithaca has weathered the winter and is ready to meet the needs of your clients business locksmith services in Syracuseand customers.

But are your Ithaca business locks secure? Your Ithaca locksmith could easily take a look at your current lock sets and provide valuable information about changing your business locks this spring.  Although you may well have a security system in place, the fact is many people and businesses neglect this simple security measure update.

It’s possible the locks to your building, office, or space have not been changed recently and are jeopardizing the integrity of the rest of your security system.  Think about how long it’s been since you’ve actually occupied your business space, how many people have had access to the keys to your business, and whether the lock sets are of the older style that are easily circumvented.

A business locksmith Ithaca area specialist can visit your property and go through the possible upgrades and recommendations that would provide a far more secure and break-in resistant building.

New Lock Set Technology

Both residential and business properties have long used older model lock sets and security measures.  These older sets are well known to thieves and they have had plenty of time to practice picking and breaking locks in order to access the interior of your business space.

New technology has been manufactured which provides a far more secure lock and security system for your Ithaca business.  Changing your business locks this spring could save you a lot of headache, financial loss, and upset clients.  The newer lock models are designed to prevent thieves from picking or otherwise destroying the security of your business.

A business locksmith Ithaca specialist will be pleased to explain the new technology to you, evaluate your existing security measures, and provide you with appropriate recommendations for your Ithaca business.Ithaca Alarm Systems, Ithaca Burglary Systems

Ithaca Locksmith

In the Ithaca area you can obtain the services of your local Ithaca locksmith to visit your business or residential property and assess your current security measures.  Protecting your home and business has to be your number one priority, and learning about how to go about it should be one of the first things you do this spring.

Many businesses and business buildings change hands over time.  You may have had the keys changed, but did you actually have the lock set itself changed?  Using the new technology in changing your business locks will go far in your efforts to deter thieves from entering your place of business and provide you with peace of mind.

Your Ithaca locksmith can show you the best methods to protect your business and property in the Ithaca area.  Call or contact us today to schedule a visit by one of our security specialists.  We want your business to be secure for years to come and appreciate your trust in our recommendations.


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