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Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 in Blog
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Starting a business in Syracuse New York is a very exciting experience. While it takes a lot just to complete that step, it’s only the beginning of a Security Expert Syracuse NY, Locksmith Syracuse, Syracuse Locksmithlong journey. In order to build a successful business in Syracuse, you have to be willing to tackle any obstacle that comes your way. For some of the challenges you encounter, you will be able to take care of them on your own. But for many others, finding a solution will involve getting in touch with a locksmith and security expert who has the right experience to assist you with the problem.

Security is one example where it’s in your best interest to work with qualified professionals. Although there are some basic steps you can take on your own (and we’ll cover those below), in order to ensure your business is truly secure, you need the assistance of professionals who can properly evaluate your current situation. Based on that evaluation, they’ll be able to recommend what needs to be done in order to fill in any gaps with your current strategy.

Even though owning a business means you’re always going to have at least a dozen different things on your plate that need to get done, here are the security measures that deserve your attention regardless of the stage of growth your business is currently in:

Control Access

You obviously don’t want customers or random visitors milling around in areas that are only for employees. And there may be areas where you only want certain employees to access, or where all employees can only get during certain hours of the day. With any of those scenarios, a good access control system can help you manage and track exactly who’s going to which parts of your business.

Share a Code of Conduct

Many business owners are surprised to learn that a significant number of security breaches aren’t the result of outside intruders. Instead, they occur because of employees taking dishonest actions or simply making significant mistakes. In addition to properly screening people before hiring them, our locksmith and security expert Syracuse recommends that it’s also worth creating a document that explains exactly what’s expected of employees.

Although this step may sound too simple to be effective, letting employees know how they should conduct themselves, as well as exactly what needs to be done to keep the business secure, can go a long way towards preventing slip-ups that lead to compromised security.

Illuminate and MonitorSyracuse Locksmith, Syracuse Business Security, Locksmith Syracuse

Another simple but effective security measure is to properly illuminate the exterior of your office. Big sources of light can deter unsavory individuals who might otherwise be tempted by the black of night. It’s also worth investing in both exterior and interior surveillance. Regardless of the time of day, quality surveillance equipment will ensure you can see exactly what’s happening throughout your business and the surrounding area.

Once you get a chance to take care of all the measures outlined above, if you still have a specific issue or want a comprehensive security evaluation for your Syracuse business, call us to schedule an appointment.


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