Colder Weather in the Finger Lakes Means Dealing with Frozen Locks

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 in Blog
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Frozen locks are a common occurrence in the Finger Lakes area due to the extreme weather and temperature changes. Locksmith services in Syracuse have helped many people thaw out frozen locks. Locksmith and Security CNY is available with emergency services 24/7 to assist customers (old and new) unlock their vehicles, homes and businesses when frozen locks keep you from gaining entrance.

As property owners, but more particularly vehicle owners, the ice, freezing rain, and exposure to the weather can cause water to enter the lock mechanism. As the temperature again drops to freezing, it is not unusual for the lock to freeze and refuse to budge. A Syracuse locksmith has the appropriate tools to thaw out your lock safely without damaging your property.

Preventing Frozen Locks on Your Vehicle

There is nothing more frustrating than finding your car door locks frozen. There are a couple ways you can prevent this from happening.

frozen locksOne way is to place a magnet over the key hole, though we all don’t have flat magnets handy. If you do, this is an excellent way to prevent freezing rain or water from getting into your locks.

Another way to prevent frozen locks, and a good way if you’re likely to experience this with your vehicle (or house locks), is to dip your key into petroleum jelly, then insert the key into the lock and turn it back and forth several times to make sure the petroleum gets even distributed through the locking mechanism.

WD-40 is also another lubricant you can use in the lock itself or by spraying on the key several times and turning the key back and forth. Both items will repel water and prevent your locks from freezing. In the winter months it is a good idea to do this on a weekly basis.

Locksmith Services in Syracuse Offer Advice on What to Do If Your Locks Freeze

Frozen locks are no fun, and your Syracuse locksmith is often called out to help thaw out frozen locks both in vehicles and homes. Remember that you can actually cause damage to your lock or your property by improperly attempting to defrost the locks. Locksmith services in Syracuse can offer you 24/7 emergency service and get you on your way.

In the event you want to attempt to unthaw your locks yourself, first try the petroleum jelly method. Dip the key into the Vaseline, then insert the key into the lock. Petroleum jelly with actually melt the ice if it’s not frozen too badly. Once the key is inserted, try to the wiggle the key a little bit until you feel some give or the key turns freely. Don’t force the key to turn. You could end up breaking the key in the lock.

Try the Vaseline method three or four times and if it still doesn’t release the lock, wait five to ten minutes and try again.

frozen locksAs a last resort, and only if you have handy access to a grounded outlet, you can use a normal electric hair dryer on the lock itself. Although this can be a quicker way to thaw the lock if you can get the warm air blowing into the right area, the danger is in an electric shock should rain or freezing rain come in contact with the plug end.

Call Your Syracuse Locksmith for Assistance

So you’ve tried all these methods, and still no luck thawing out your door lock. This is the time to call in the professionals at Locksmith and Security CNY who handle the Finger Lakes area. They provide 24/7 emergency services and have access to the tools needed to properly and carefully unfreeze your lock sets.

Don’t leave the safety of your property up to chance. If the above mentioned methods do not grant you access to your vehicle or home within a few minutes, the locks are most likely deeply frozen and need expert thawing.


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