Does a Keyless Entry System Make Sense for Your Car?

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 in Auto Security, Blog, Locked Car, Locksmith
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Keyless Entry Systems

If you’re thinking about adding a keyless entry system to your car or purchasing a car that has this feature, you’re Keyless Entry Systems, Auto Keyless Entry Systems, Auto Security, Locksmith Ithaca, Alarem Systemsprobably wondering if it’s the right choice. As you may have already discovered while doing your research this feature is a great thing to have and our Ithaca locksmith agrees. Some of the exact reasons to opt for a keyless entry system are because it’s:


A keyless system is a great way to maximize the security of your vehicle. Not only will you benefit from the automatic locking functionality, but because the remote and system itself can be integrated with a car alarm so you’ll have a reliable way to help protect your car from theft.


Whether it’s at the grocery store or the local hobby shop, you can probably recall a few recent occasions when you’ve walked into a parking lot with an arm full of bags. When both hands are already occupied, fumbling around with a key can be quite annoying. By opting for a keyless system, you won’t have to worry about that issue. Instead, you’ll be able to unlock your car by simply pushing a button.


One of the reasons that people call an Ithaca locksmith is because they need to get into their car as soon as possible. But even if you’re not locked out of your car, there may be a situation where you feel you need to get into it very quickly. Having the ability to reliably unlock your car in one second means that if it’s ever necessary, you’ll be able to get right in and then immediately lock all your doors again to prevent anyone else from entering your car.

Less Likely to Cause Damage:

As previously mentioned, it’s never fun to spend time fumbling around in the dark as you try to unlock your vehicle. What’s really bad is not only is that experience frustrating, but it can also result in damage to your car. If you already have something in your hand or can’t really see where you need to insert you key, you may end up slipping and scratching your car door. Although it’s possible to fix some scratches on your own, it’s common for seemingly minor scratches to still require professional repair. Since that’s not a cheap cost, you’re better off avoiding the problem in the first place by investing in a keyless system.

What Happens If You Lose Your Keyless Remote?

Thanks to their shape and size, it’s fairly easy to keep track of the remote for a keyless entry system. However, there’s still always a chance that you may lose it. Since that possibility exists, you may be wondering what you can do if it happens. The good news is you’ll still be able to get into your vehicle. All you’ll need to do is call a Syracuse locksmith to help you out. And thanks to our commitment to providing a fast response time, you won’t be locked out of your vehicle for very long!


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