Electronic Locks vs. Biometric Locks: Which One is Right for Your Home or Business

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If you’ve decided to upgrade the locks at your home or office, you probably want to invest in the highest quality option that’s available. Since electronic and biometric locks are the best choices for either setting, our Locksmith $ Security expert takes a more detailed look at each type so you can see which one is the ideal fit for your specific needs:

Electronic Locks:

The keypad is the main feature of a standard electronic lgetDynamicImage.aspxock. Most electronic locks can be installed and set up in two simple steps. The first is to physically install it. Whether it’s for your home or business, the majority of these locks can be installed by a locksmith & security expert on a door with just a few simple tools.

Once the lock is installed, your locksmith & security expert is able to program the keypad to use your preferred entry code. Depending on the specific lock, the code will be four or five digits in length. After you choose and program the code you want to use, the lock will be ready to go. The major benefit of this type of system is instead of needing to carry around a key or hide a spare near the door, all you’ll need to remember is the code you choose.

While just about every electronic lock offers the same basic functionality, you can find different variations to fit your specific needs. For example, you can decide whether you want a lock with physical keys that are raised or flat keys that are digital. Another very helpful option you can choose is a lock that allows multiple codes to be stored.

Since you can assign a unique code to every employee, a lock that holds multiple codes is ideal for office use. Not only can you see a log of the codes that were entered, but some locks even allow you to set up text message alerts for whenever specific codes are entered. A trained locksmith & security expert can work with you to decide the best fit for your needs.

Biometric Locks:

The most popular type of biometric locks are those that use fingerprints as a unique identifier. Although this functionality may initially seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, the truth isbiometric-fingerprint-lock it’s simply a convenient way to ensure that multiple people are able to open the same lock and your locksmith & security expert can put a strategic plan in place that works for you.

The advantage of using a biometric system instead of a simple key lock is not only does the fact that everyone’s fingerprints are unique make it easy to set up access for as many users as needed, but being able to see exactly who’s opened a door provides a very high level of security.

Which Type Should You Choose?

In most cases, a standard electronic lock will provide all the functionality and protection you need for your home. If you’re looking for a lock for your office, an electronic lock that supports multiple user codes can work extremely well. But if you’re worried about assigning and managing dozens of user codes, a biometric lock can provide the same level of security with functionality that’s even more convenient. The Locksmith & Security CNY professionals will work with you on the system that is right for your home or office.


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