Five Safety Tips Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 in Blog
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Five Safety Tips Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

As a parent, one of the biggest challenges you’ll consistently face is letting your child out into the world without your direct supervision. While this is never easy, you can keep your child safe by properly preparing them. Our locksmith and security expert not only can show you how to keep your home or business secure, but wants to remind you that it is equally important to talk to your children about being safe. If you’re wondering what safety tips you should emphasize the most, herNEWS    25/4/12   Getting ready and looking forward to the first day at school, but will your child be wearing the uniform of their first choice of school?keywords - going to school first day primary education absence happy schooldays schoolday enjoy educate school prepare first day generic pupil pupils walk to schoole are the top five that most parenting experts agree on:

It’s Better to Be Rude than Unsafe

You’ve probably spent a lot of time teaching your child good manners. While this is an important aspect for social interactions, you also need to let them know that if they’re ever in a situation with an adult where they feel uncomfortable, they don’t need to worry about being rude. The old adage about never talking to strangers still applies today whether out in public, or even when your child is surfing the internet. Security experts suggest you talk to your child early and often about how to handle situations they may find themselves in, including how to identify public safety personal like policemen or firemen.

There’s Always Power in Numbers

When kids go out to play, it’s always best if they’re in a group. The one caveat you need to include with this safety lesson is just because someone in the group thinks a certain activity is a good idea doesn’t mean it necessarily is. If your child knows that the proposal is something they shouldn’t do, let them know that they can stand up to the peer pressure with confidence.

How to Be as Safe as Possible While Online

Because the Internet really is everywhere, kids are getting online at a younger age than ever. Since they’re going to be using computers and the Internet for the rest of their lives, not only do you want to teach them to avoid giving out personal details on public sites, but also to avoid being fooled by password phishing and other common hacking attempts. Security experts suggest that parents take a proactive approach to their children’s online activities by monitoring what they are viewing and who they are interacting with.

What to Do in the Event of a Fire or Other Emergency

From “stop, drop and roll” to calling 911, it’s definitely worth teaching your child what to do in an emergency situation. Even though you hope this type of scenario never arises, since it’s out of your control, it’s much better for your child to be prepared than have no idea how to handle what’s going on around them.

The Importance of Being Safe Around Traffic, Water and Nature

Every parent knows that the more time your child spends active and playing, the better. Because you want them to be excited to go outside and have fun, the last thing you want to do is burden them with so many worries that they never want to leave the house. But even though you don’t want to alarm your child, it is true that playing near streets, a pool or in any sort of outside area does come with risks.

The best way to balance instilling safety lessons without scaring your child is to really drill in the basics. Things like looking both ways before crossing any street, not running around a pool and never putting anything they pick up outside in their mouth will do a lot to keep your child safe without jeopardizing their sense of wonder about the world.

Although your parenting responsibilities technically end when your child turns eighteen, the truth is you’ll never stop worrying about them. But even though it’s completely natural to worry, the good news is by instilling the safety topics outlined above, you can accomplish a whole lot in terms of keeping your child safe. So while you are thinking about keeping your home or place of business secure, our locksmith and security expert reminds you to have a safety plan for your children as well.




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