Give Yourself the Gift of Security This Holiday Season

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 in Blog
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Families are hustling and bustling about as the holiday season fast approaches. Many are busy buying gifts, attending holiday events, and enjoying friends and family. With all the noise and busy-ness of the season, thinking about your home security is probably not high on the list.
Our locksmith services in Ithaca are aware that this is a busy time in everyone’s life…including the thieves and burglars that are just waiting for the opportunity to avail themselves of the bounty under the tree. The holidays are an excellent time to give yourself and your family the gift of security.

Your Ithaca Locksmith Recommends

Security measures are often overlooked in both homes and businesses. You may think that because you have locks on the doors that you are protected. Yet, this is such a minor deterrent to a thief. Most handset locks are old and past their prime. Burglars are well-versed in how to circumvent these older locks and can gain entrance to your home in a matter of minutes

Ithaca Locksmith Locksmith and Security CNY is available to provide you with excellent locksmith services in Ithaca. No matter what time of year, your Ithaca locksmith is pleased to come out to your property and review the security measures you currently have in place.

Today’s burglars and thieves are beginning to update their techniques and have become more adept at entering properties under the cover of night and during the day when you are away. They enjoy homes that have limited security measures and a large amount of shrubbery or landscaping around the entrances.

Security Options For Your Home

You have door locks and perhaps window locks, but the value of a good security system is often overlooked and considered to be too expensive to maintain. There are many options available that Locksmith and Security CNY can provide you information on.

The first line of defense is always to update your door locks. New technology has been developed to foil would-be burglars from gaining access to your property. These locks are made with this is mind, and can provide a much-needed level of security for your home.
Window locks are only as good as the window itself. Certainly, the best defense here is to keep your windows locked when you are not at home or at night. No need to make it easy for someone to climb through and help themselves to your possessions. And if they are determined, they will break a window which the sound itself should alert you to an intruder, and if you have a proper security system in place you will have a signal to alert you. Some security systems even can dial the police immediately.

Ithaca locksmithAs just mentioned, a full security system with cameras and trip sensors is one of the best all-encompassing security options you could invest in. Yes, you need to learn how to operate it, learn the code and remember to set the alarm both when leaving the house and at night before you dead off to sleep.

Enjoy the Holidays With Peace of Mind

Your Ithaca locksmith can make time to see you before the holidays so that you can make appropriate changes to your current security measures. Obtaining a professional and knowledgeable evaluation will go a long way to helping you make the best decision for your home, family and budget. Locksmith services in Ithaca are provided by Locksmith and Security CNY. Let the premier locksmith provide you with the best services and recommendations that will work for you. Happy Holidays.


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