Holiday Season is Coming, is Your Home Secure?

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 in Blog
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Another year has flown by and all ready the stores are gearing up for the holiday season.  Didn’t it seem a bit earlier than usual?  Your locksmith services in Syracuse want to be sure your home is secure this holiday season.  Taking a bit of extra care in having your home security up to date and Locksmith services in Ithaca and Syracuse functioning well will prevent break-ins and loss of personal items.

No matter whether you live in the urban or rural areas around Syracuse and Ithaca, your home can be a target for thieves especially during the upcoming holidays.  And the reason is because they know that many homes will be spending, buying, and storing new items in their homes for gift giving.  We’ve all heard the stories of a home being broken into and all the gifts under the tree taken.  Don’t let your home be one of these.

Keeping Your Home Secure

There’s no better time than right now (doesn’t matter what season it is) to contact your Syracuse locksmith.  Locksmith and Security CNY takes your safety and home security seriously.  They know the trauma and loss that can occur, and want you to best protect your home.
There are many ways to improve your home security with the upcoming holiday season.  If your home has not had its locks and alarm systems checked or updated, you might as well leave the door wide open.  Unwanted entries are caused by people who know what your home security is.  They don’t just choose a home willy-nilly.  They’ve been watching and perhaps even scoped out your security measures in advance.

Your Ithaca locksmith can evaluate your current security measures and provide you with a professional and knowledgeable estimate to keep you safer.  Many homes continue to utilize out dated locks, fail to have locks on windows, and leave doors unsecured even when at home.  When you leave the house, checking to be sure your locks are engaged should always be a priority.

If you have not changed out your door locks, or installed window locks, this would be a good time to think about it and take action.  The newer locks are difficult for burglars to circumvent easily.  They want easy targets, so won’t spend time trying to pick a difficult lock.

Security alarm systems must be functioning and providing a solid, reliable force again home invasions or burglary.  It’s easy to take the security Security Experts in Ithaca and Syracusealarms for granted, but if they are not working absolutely perfectly, again, you might as well leave everything unlocked.

A Syracuse locksmith will test your alarm system and ascertain if it needs any upkeep, updating, repair or replacement.  Same with your locks on doors and windows.  The newer locks are not cost prohibitive at all and can be worked into your budget.  To keep your home secure during this holiday season, you might want to gift your family with a new security bundle.

Other Considerations During This Holiday Season

We talk a lot about locks and alarm systems, but the exterior access points of your home are also important.  Many homes have lovely, decorative plants, bushes and trees near their homes and entrance ways.  Though lovely to look at, they do provide adequate hiding places for thieves trying to access your home.  Keep your home secure by being sure these landscaping plants are kept trimmed down and provide easy viewing from the road.  This is a good deterrent as someone looking to breach your security will not want to be seen.  They will move along and find a home that is more secluded.

Be sure to also make sure any motion sensor lights or alarms are in working condition.  Change out bulbs, test systems, and be sure they are turned on.  Keeping your home secure during the holiday season will provide you a much needed peace of mind.  Contact Locksmith and Security CNY today for an expert and professional opinion of what you might need to do to keep your home secure.


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