How Important Is It to Keep Your Security System Up to Date?

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denman01If your home is currently protected by a security system, you may think that you’ve already taken care of everything you need to do to keep your family safe. However, if you’re like many households across the US, you may be missing a crucial component of ensuring that your home is fully secure. Our Locksmith and Security expert will show you why.

Keeping a security system up to date is the important component that’s so commonly overlooked. The main reason so many families neglect this issue is because they just don’t think it matters all that much. They assume that since they have a home security system in place, they’re not going to encounter any major issues.

While many households do get by just fine without keeping their system up to date, all it takes is one incident for that decision to quickly become a very unfortunate one. Because you want to be sure that your home’s security system will actually protect every member of your family, let’s look at what you need to take care of, as well as what you should contact a professional to handle for you:

What to Do on Your Own

It’s a very good idea to test your alarm system on a monthly basis. If you’re wondering how you can do that without causing your alarm company to think that someone is breaking into your house, the answer actually depends on your service.

Some providers have a test setting built into the control panel, while others require you to call and let them know what you’re planning to do. In most cases, you’ll only need to call once to make your testing arrangements.

If you’re not sure how your alarm company handles this process, just reach out to your locksmith and security expert and they’ll be happy to let you know. When you conduct your monthly test, it’s also a good idea to take a computer cleaning product and use it to get any dust and grime off of your system’s keypad.

What to Leave Up to a Professional

Although doing a monthly test will ensure you’re aware of any major problems with your system, you should have a professional inspection done once a year by a locksmith and security expert. There are two key reasons why this type of inspection is such a good idea.

First, there may be a minor issue with your system that you don’t know about. While this type of problem can eventually lead to your entire system messing up, as long as they’re given a chance to do so, a technician will be able to fix it.

Second, as an experienced tech looks over your system, they will be able to tell you if there are any existing components that should be upgraded. You’ll also have an opportunity to find out if there are any options for expanding your system to make it even more effective.

By taking care of your alarm system and ensuring it’s checked by a professional once a year, you can be sure that everything is kept up to date and your family is always safe when they’re at home.


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