How to Avoid Loosing Your Keys

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keys5 Tips to Avoid Playing Hide and Seek with Your Keys:

Over the last six months, how many times have you had to spend your valuable time looking for your keys? If you’re like most people, the answer is a lot more time than you want to admit! Not only is it frustrating to realize that you can’t find your keys, but it also means calling a locksmith to come to your home to help you solve the problem.

Since no one wants to feel frustrated or dumb, the good news is there are ways to put an end to your weekly or even daily key hunt. Let’s look at five of the most effective ways to ensure you can always find your keys as soon as you need them:

Always Put Them in the Same Place:

Even though this tip may sound too simple to be effective, it’s amazing how well it works. Whether you use a bowl, basket or hangers, make a point of taking your keys out of your pocket and putting them in the same place as soon as you get home. Since research has found that it takes between three and eight weeks to form a new habit, this single tip will put an end to your key hunting frustrations in less than two months!

Consider a Finder:

While it’s definitely not a necessity, if you’re the type of person who simply loves using technology to fix problems, you’ll certainly get a kick out of this high tech solution. And since you can find these gadgets for under $30, it’s a very small investment if you know that it will help restore your sanity. Our locksmith and security expert can help you find the right one.

Don’t Bring Them If You Don’t Need Them:

Although losing your keys at home is annoying, it’s not the end of the world. You’re going to feel foolish as you’re combing through your house to find them. But even if it takes awhile, you know they’re eventually going to turn up. Unfortunately, the same isn’t always true if you’re out.

Since losing your keys at a bar or any other destination can mean that they’re gone for good and that you will have to call an emergency locksmith service, if you don’t actually need them during a night that you’re going out, save yourself a potential headache by simply leaving them at home in their designated spot.owasco_01_th

Combine Your Keys and Wallet:

While this tip generally works best for women who carry a purse, there are also wallets for men that offer the same functionality. The benefit of using a wallet with a key chain is that it’s significantly harder to forget about your wallet. Even though it’s technically possible, the larger size of wallets makes them easier to remember. Plus, combining your keys and wallet is quite convenient.

Have Spares:

Make sure you have at least one copy of all of your important keys. Not only do you want to keep these backups in your house, but you should put them in a place that’s easy for you to access. While following the above tips should prevent you from misplacing your keys, in the event that it happens and you’re in a hurry, you can simply grab your spare keys and go!

For more tips or help if you do loose your keys just remember our professional locksmith is available for 24 hour locksmith services.



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