Your Ithaca Locksmith Recommends Advanced Lock Technology in New Home Builds

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015 in Blog
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What’s more exciting than buying a new home? Building your home from the ground up is not only exciting but uniquely yours. Your Ithaca locksmith wants to remind you to not forget about the locks and security measures you have built in to your property.

Contractors are building your home to your specifications and budget so don’t let them use inferior quality locks in an effort to save money. Older lock sets can be an easy target for thieves and it is not necessary to allow them access to your home when a better alternative is available. Your Ithaca locksmith has experience, knowledge, and an innate understanding of the materials and technology available for locks today.

What New Lock Set Technology Means to You

Ithaca locksmithWhether building a new home, buying an older home, or updating/remodeling your current property, you need to take a good, close look at the security measures in place. It is not a fun thing to have to worry about locks and security, but locksmith services in Ithaca can assure you that a failure to set the strongest in technology simply leaves you open to home invasions and theft.

Let’s remember that most lock sets have been being made the same way for decades. Your run-of-the-mill lock sets at the local home improvement center are most likely still being sold to unsuspecting homeowners. These are lock sets that thieves have fine-tuned their skills at breaking or circumventing.

Why make it easy for someone to enter your new home and bring about disaster by stealing your personal possessions? The cost to upgrade your current locks, or to have your contractor use more advanced systems is minimal compared to the loss and insurance claim (plus cost of insurance increase) if a theft were to occur.

An Ithaca Locksmith Can Show You the Current Lock Technology

The new lock set technology that your Ithaca locksmith recommends is available to you through Locksmith and Security CNY. After living and working in the Finger Lakes region, they are well aware of the current crime rate, the methods being used to enter properties, and they have the experience to recommend to you a suitable system.

Having newer lock technology means that you can better avoid unwanted access to your new home. Why? Because most thieves and burglars have not upgraded THEIR skills as they prefer a much easier access to a property. The newer locks are designed to prevent access without the proper key. The new tumblers inside the lock, the new design that prevents credit card openings, and the sheer construction of the units are necessary today.

When To Change Your Locks

Ithaca locksmithThe simple answer is – TODAY. Particularly, though, if you are building a brand new house, make sure your contractor uses locksmith services in Ithaca to provide the best technology in locks available for your budget. Don’t settle for less.

Buying an older home where the lock sets have not been changed for decades is a must do upon purchase. Remember, old locks are easily picked and circumvented by skilled thieves. Don’t allow them the opportunity. Locksmith services in Ithaca provides expert, professional and knowledgeable services throughout the area.

And finally, in your current home, if you haven’t updated your security measures, contact Locksmith and Security CNY for the best options for your home and budget. Safety and security in your home is


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