Our Ithaca Locksmith Reminds You – Don’t Forget to Lock your Doors and Windows

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015 in Blog
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Warmer weather, sunshine, fresh air; what a beautiful time of year. Your local Ithaca locksmith knows how tempting it is to leave windows open to circulate air in your home, but the dangers outweigh the benefits here.

Spring and summer are such amazing times. Your house has been closed up all winter to keep the heat in and the temperature from fluctuating too much. With this lovely warmer weather, we want to open up our homes, allow the fresh air to enter and remove the stale air from winter. When you are home, by all means, open your windows and let the sun shine through!

What Does an Ithaca Locksmith Have to Do With Fresh Air?

Ithaca locksmithThe problem we see often is that people leave their windows open far too often when they leave the house. Many times, you might just be running down to the store or the school, so you think it’s safe to leave the windows open and unlocked.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, anyone who is intent on entering your house is watching closely to learn your routine and neighborhood. Even leaving your house unlocked or windows open for 15 minutes could have you returning to an empty house. Thieves can enter and exit a home in under 10 minutes with all the valuables.

Locksmith services in Ithaca recommends that you make a habit of closing and locking your windows no matter how long you are going to be away from the house. Keeping all doors locked when away is also imperative, though becomes harder to remember during the warm weather when people are in and out of the house enjoying the out doors. You may have several doors to your front yard, back yard, garage, et cetera, and family members who use them all.

Remind your family to lock doors after themselves when they use them. And before leaving your property, double check that doors are locked and windows are both closed and locked.

Ithaca Locksmith Provides Full Service to Homeowners

Locksmith and Security CNY is your professional Ithaca locksmith. Availability is 24/7 for emergency services and we are always available to evaluate your current home security needs.

Ithaca locksmithKeeping you and your family safe is of major importance to us. Although you may be thrilled to see the end of winter, you will not be thrilled if someone accesses your property and takes off with your valuables. The trauma of a home break-in lasts a long time.

Locksmith and Security CNY reminds you to keep your windows and doors locked when leaving your property. We also recommend that you have your locks evaluated by professional locksmith services in Ithaca before a tragedy occurs. If your home has the original lock sets, or has not been updated in years, we can show you the newest technology in locks.

Before leaving your home to run errands, pick up the kids from school, go to work, or leave on an extended day trip, please close and lock your windows. Even a second story window is not safe from a potential home invasion or burglary.  Take the time to check that you’ve closed and locked all access points before you leave the house.


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