Keeping Your Home Secure in Syracuse New York

Thursday, February 13th, 2014 in Blog, home security
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Although keeping your home safe in Syracuse, New York doesn’t have to be complicated, because home security has so many different Syracuse Locksmith, Syracuse Business Security, Locksmith Syracusecomponents, it’s easy to overlook things that are actually quite important. To help you get an idea of the current state of your home’s security, as well as be aware of steps you may want to take in the future, let’s go over some very helpful strategies and tips:

Don’t Leave Wires in Plain Sight

Did you know that wire theft is quite prevalent throughout the United States? The reason this issue is so common is because it’s something that’s relatively easy for thieves to steal. Additionally, it’s not very hard for them to get an appealing amount of money by selling the copper that’s often found in wiring. Because the last thing you want is to incur the expense of getting the exterior wiring around your home replaced, our locksmith and security expert says be sure that it’s all out of sight and difficult to access.

Be Aware of What People Can See Inside of Your Home

When the weather is nice in the Syracuse area, it can be quite pleasant to open the windows and let a breeze flow through your house. While there’s technically nothing wrong with taking that type of action, far too many homes make it easy to see inside on a consistent basis. If someone can look in, see that you have valuable electronics and get a pretty good feel for the layout of your home, it’s going to make your house more of a security risk than one that doesn’t provide any visibility from outside.

Keep Your Landscaping Under Control

Not only can untrimmed bushes turn into an eyesore, but they can also provide cover for someone who’s trying to break into your home. In Security Expert Syracuse NY, Locksmith Syracuse, Syracuse Locksmithaddition to keeping growth under control, take a look at your yard once the sun goes down. If almost all of it is completely dark, you should strongly consider adding some lights around your yard. By putting them on timers, you’ll be able to get security illumination at night without being concerned about wasting energy.

Change the Locks After a Major Change

The simplest way for someone to get into your home is with a key to the front door. While most homeowners who haven’t lost a key are confident that they’re the only ones with access to their home, think about this simple scenario: prior to you moving in, how many people had copies of your key? Unless you changed the lock when you moved in, there’s no way to answer that question. Another common scenario is when a relationship comes to an end. Because those types of events can leave uncertainty about who has access to your front door, for Syracuse home security it’s best to take control and have the locks changed by experienced professionals.

In addition to getting your locks changed, if you are interested in adding a security system to your home in the Syracuse area or have questions about your current one, feel free to get in touch with our locksmith and security expert!


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