Locksmith and Security CNY Offers You Some Safety Tips for Daylight Savings Time

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 in Blog
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Locksmith and Security CNY offers a few important safety tips to homes and businesses as Daylight Savings Time begins. March 8th started Daylight Savings Time here in the United States. With putting the clocks ahead by one hour, many appliances and electronics need to be manually adjusted to the new time.

locksmith services in SyracuseEastern Standard Time was developed to save electricity and provide our major farming operations to continue their production with a bit more daylight for a period of time. In the spring, as the sun rises earlier, Daylight Savings Time was incorporated to provide longer days in order to increase, yet again, production in all industries, including farming.

Your Syracuse locksmith provides expert information and knowledge for homeowners and businesses alike when it comes to service, installation, and safety tips. Locksmith and Security CNY is your main source of locksmith services in the Finger Lakes region.

Safety Tips for Homeowners and Businesses

Manually reset timers on lights and security systems
Change out any blown bulbs or spotlights
Change batteries in smoke and CO detectors
Change batteries in any electronics such as alarm clocks
Know who is there
Protect your mail
Install a safe
Add inexpensive door and window alarms
Put motion detector lighting where needed
Secure patio doors
Reinforce exterior doors
Secure wooden garage entry door
Shred papers to protect your identity
Add video surveillance real or looks real

How Locksmith Services in Syracuse Can Help

Locksmith and Security CNY brings intensive knowledge and advice to property owners throughout the Syracuse area. Helping you keep your home and family safe is our main concern. As you can see from the tips above, it’s not necessary to expend a great deal of money on fancy security systems (though they are more reliable).

As a property owner, primary residence or vacation home, you want to utilize all the possible security measures available to you within your budget. Your Syracuse locksmith can visit your property, perform a full evaluation of your current security measures, and give you recommendations on how to improve your family’s safety.

locksmith services in SyracuseYour home is your safe haven. Experiencing a break-in or burglary is extremely traumatic and will live on in your memory for a considerable time. It is not worth taking the risk of leaving your property unsecured. Locksmith services in Syracuse can be obtained easily and quickly through contacting us at Locksmith and Security CNY. Our professionalism and expertly-trained technicians can show you the best products available for your home or business.

Daylight Savings Time Is A Good Time to Evaluate Your Security Systems

Regardless when you read this article, it is a consistent fact that homes are broken into at alarming rates. It matters not what time of year, but it does matter how easy it is for someone to enter your home unwanted. Updating simply security measures can mean the world of difference to the safety of your home.

Remember that Daylight Savings Time is the perfect reminder to replace batteries, light bulbs, adjust your timer to reflect the hour ahead change, and reach out to your Ithaca or Syracuse locksmith for additional recommendations. Your safety is priceless and your home is your castle.


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