Locksmith and Security CNY Reminds you About Road Safety While School is in Session

Wednesday, September 09th, 2015 in Blog
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With summer vacation over and school starting up, the roads now become far more busy and congested. Parents are trying to organize the schedule changes, get their children to school and the busses are back to their normal routine. Locksmith and Security CNY realizes this is a busy and even dangerous time on the roads. Pay attention to the road, minimize distractions, and keep your attention on the surroundings.

Syracuse Locksmith Explains Why This Time of Year is Dangerous

Why is this time of year so difficult for many? It’s the intense change from the slower, quieter road traffic you got used to in the summer where there was no rush to get places. Now, many parents not only are getting their children to school, but also need to get themselves to work. The summer routine and schedule does not work anymore. The time to travel to a job is going to be dictated by the school busses, heavier traffic, and required concentration on what’s going on around you.

Locksmith and Security CNYLocksmith services in Syracuse knows how stressful this time can be. Keeping everyone safe is each person’s responsibility when it comes to driving habits and time pressure. Always allow yourself extra time to navigate the congestion, plan for unexpected delays, and drive defensively and carefully.

Watch Out For Children

Children who are waiting on busses to arrive are sometimes not supervised. They are young and do not have the understanding of the dangers associated with vehicles, or of playing around near a road. Rough housing occurs at many bus stops where children gather…a child can be shoved into the road, or when playing around may inadvertently step into the road as you approach or proceed past them. Always reduce your speed when approaching a group of children near a road way.

Traveling on your regular route may now be a slow process. Your Syracuse locksmith reminds you to take your time, don’t rush, and pay attention. Be sure your vehicle is safe, headlights work, horn works, and that your visibility through all windows is uninhibited. You need to be able to see clearly in all directions, at all times.

Locksmith and Security CNYYou will find there may be other vehicles on the road that are not practicing safe driving habits as their concentration may be compromised due to children in the vehicle, distractions (those pesky cell phones), anxiety from the amount of traffic, and other things on their minds. Watch out for other drivers as well. Everyone must take responsibility for their own actions, but keeping an eye out for the other driver could avert an accident.

Locksmith and Security CNY Reminds You to Practice Road Safety

Locksmith and Security CNY is keen to remind you how important your safety is, as well as the safety of all our young children this school year. Your safe driving habits will provide extra protection as your traverse the new routine and get used to reorganizing your time.

Your Syracuse locksmith is part of the community and therefore concerned with potential dangers on the road and around children. Safety is always our primary desire for you, your family, children and other drivers. Drive safely, keep your eyes on the road and help protect your community by not being distracted while delivering children to and from school.

Locksmith and Security CNY implores all drivers to readjust their time schedules, plan extra into the routine to allow for delays, and avoid rushing to get anywhere. Rushing causes distraction and fails to provide a safe environment all across the board. Drive safe! School is in session.


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