Locksmith and Security CNY Specializes in Transponder Key Replacement

Monday, December 23rd, 2013 in Auto Security, Blog
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Over the last decade or so, transponder keys have become increasingly popular among auto manufacturers. The main reason that so many manufacturers have turned to this technology is because it gives transponder keys, locksmith and security cnythem a way to add an additional layer of security to the vehicles they produce. Not only are transponder keys an additional security measure, but they happen to be a very effective one. The reason these keys work so well is because of the fairly simple but very clever way they are designed.

What Exactly is a Transponder Key? 

This term can refer to any key that has an electronic chip embedded in it. Since thin metal doesn’t provide much space for embedding anything, it’s actually the plastic body of the key where the chip is embedded. As previously mentioned, the primary goal of this type of key is to make vehicles more secure.

While transponder keys aren’t the only option auto companies have for increasing security, a big reason these keys have become so popular is because they’re quite practical. Instead of requiring any type of additional resources, the chip that’s used in a transponder key is actually passive. As a result, it doesn’t need any type of battery. What that means is when auto companies include these keys with their cars, they don’t have to worry about consumers being annoyed by the fact that they’re eventually going to need to spend time getting a battery in their key replaced.

If you’re wondering how these keys contribute to the safety of a vehicle, it’s because if the chip isn’t operational, the vehicle won’t start. Even if the key is put into the ignition, the chip is a necessity for actually starting it. And while that is a useful security measure, it can quickly become a hassle if the chip in your key is broken or you completely lose the key.Locksmith Syracuse, Locksmith Ithaca

What Can You Do If You Break or Lose a Transponder Key?

Although battery replacements aren’t something that are necessary with transponder keys, that doesn’t mean there are never any issues with these keys. If an entire key ever needs to be replaced, the process for doing so is significantly more involved than simply getting a new key cut. As a result, it should only be done by someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

Instead of Worrying, Just Call Us

While replacing this type of key does require a specialized process due to the programming that’s involved, the good news is that doesn’t mean you have to stress out about the process. Instead, you can simply let our locksmith and security expert handle the entire process for you. Not only is our team made up of professionally trained technicians, but you can count on them to show up when and where they tell you.

In addition to our experience, we pride ourselves on fair pricing, fast responses, cordial service and getting the job done right. So whether your transponder key stops working or you can’t find it anywhere, just give us a call to get your issue resolved in no time!


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