Syracuse Locksmith Tips on Keeping Your Possessions Safe

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It’s often hard to believe or accept that your home’s safety is in acute danger at most anytime of the day or night. Current statistics tell us that a burglar breaks into a home at the rate of every 15 seconds and steals an average of $1,725 worth of possessions plus the peace and safety of the homeowner for years to come.

Syracuse locksmithYour security expert in Syracuse is available to help you prevent unwanted home invasions and burglaries  There are numerous simple and useful techniques and tips that any homeowner can utilize to protect their possessions and home. Your Syracuse locksmith is the best place to start to learn of new technology and have a review of your home security systems.

Five Most Common and Easy Fixes

  • Security system alarm
  • Social Media platforms (surprise)
  • Hiding keys
  • Lighting
  • Door locks

All these are very simple and obvious places to check and start. Protecting your home and valuables is not difficult to do and requires just a little thought.

Security systems are only as good as you are at setting them.  If you don’t regularly set your alarm, and leave your home unprotected, this is just asking for trouble.  Take the time to properly understand how your security system alarm works, how to set it and disable it, and make is a regular habit throughout your daily routine to be sure it is set properly.

Social Media platforms are so wonderful, aren’t they?  It’s such a joy to share with your friends and family all the wonderful and exciting adventures you’ve been on or are considering. The problem here is that YOU and YOUR FRIENDS are not the only ones watching your Facebook statuses.

Exactly, would-be burglars are keeping tabs on you and your home. This gives a whole new meaning to “casing the joint.”  Burglars are watching to see who is going away on vacation, or going to be away from their home all day or even overnight.  Guess what?  Yes, your property is NOW on the targeted list.  Keep your personal postings and address OFF the internet.

Hiding keys. Believe us, most any burglar can find a key that you’ve hidden somewhere on your property. Since most people do not go to great lengths to put that extra key someplace that would not be considered by a burglar, there is not a good reason to leave a spare key anywhere. If you need to have a spare somewhere in case you lock yourself out, then leave a key or two with a trusted neighbor that you can contact.

Syracuse locksmithLighting around your home is one of the most often overlooked safety methods. Burglars are looking for an unobtrusive access point to your home. If they are attempting to enter during the nighttime hours, all they need is a dark or shadowy area where they can enter your home. Having only minimal lighting around you property is simply asking for trouble. Look into investing in additional lighting around doors and windows, spot lights, motion sensored lighting, and plenty of visibility in and around your home.

Door locks. We’ve spoken about the necessity of having updated door locks. We also need to remind you that your exterior doors MUST be either solid wood or metal doors. This prevents them from being easily broken.  Your lock sets should be dead-bolt type and of the newer anti-break-in type. If you haven’t changed or updated your locks in some time, your Syracuse locksmith can easily show you how things have changed.

Your Syracuse Locksmith and Security Expert

Contact your security expert in Syracuse to have a full review of your property safety measures. The knowledge and professionalism of Locksmith and Security CNY will provide you with simple answers and recommendations to help you protect you possessions without breaking your budget.


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