Locksmith and Security CNY, Your Security Expert in the Finger Lakes Region

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Your business and home security needs in the Finger Lakes Region of NY are of primary importance to Locksmith and Security CNY..  We service both Ithaca and Syracuse areas of the Ithaca Locksmith, Syracuse LocksmithFinger Lakes Region regularly and look forward to providing you with the best security  installations, upgrades and maintenance available.

With thousands of people who have entrusted their security requirements to us, we would like to welcome you to our family and allow us to be your home security Syracuse provider.  Before an  actual emergency occurs, allow us the opportunity to examine your current security measures and make recommendations to upgrading or replacing your current system.

Our Ithaca locksmith is available 24/7 for emergency needs. And can be reached quickly by calling our local dispatch center after hours.  During the day, you may reach us directly and we will assist you as quickly as possible.

Many people do not think about security needs until something drastic happens, and then it’s too late.  With so many people in our area, homes changing hands on a regular basis, it’s important to change your security system, locks, and preparedness at the same time.

At locksmith and security CNY, we are here to work with you to take care of your automotive, household, and business needs. From emergency roadside assistance should you lock your keys in the car, to re-keying home locks, to installing state-of-the-art security systems in your business location, locksmith Syracuse is here to bring you the best in service, information, and installation

Home Security Services

One of the simplest ways to improve your home security is to change your locks.  Our Locksmith and Security CNY expert can provide you with the latest, most technologically advanced and protected locks for your home.  A relatively inexpensive process such as changing out all your household locks can bring you peace of mind and provide you with an effective upgrade to your current security system.

Many people think just changing or re-keying a lock is adequate.  But with the advancement in technology, brand new locks are made to thwart the attempts of would-be burglars.  Your first line of defense in home security Syracuse is to contact a service provider to come out, inspect your current system and provide recommendations to update your security.  Changing Security Professional Ithaca, Syracuse Home Securityout locks to the newer technology will be one of the best investments you can make.

Next, you’ll want to determine the current state of any electronic security devices within your home.  Perhaps the system is fine but the wiring is too accessible to potential disruption.  Locksmith Syracuse can evaluate and protect the wiring by making it less obtrusive and harder to get to.  Exterior wiring needs to be properly covered and made as inaccessible as possible so as not to be disconnected or cut during a robbery attempt.

Upgrading, replacing, or installing a home security system is your next most important step in providing safety and protection for your home and family.  Be sure to speak with your security provider and discuss the options available in home security systems that will meet your needs and budget.

Who To Call For Locksmith Services

Locksmith and Security Central NY is here to provide you with 24/7 service for all your home, business, and automotive security needs.  We pride ourselves is providing informative resources through our blog, excellent service and installations throughout the Finger Lakes region.

Call our locksmith and security CNY expert today to set up an appointment in order that we may assist you in securing your home, business, and/or automobile(s) in the Ithaca and Syracuse areas and protect you and your family before an emergency occurs.


SYRACUSE (315) 424-6736

ITHACA (607) 272-9535

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