Locksmith Services in Ithaca Want You to Keep Your Home Secure

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 in Blog
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Summer is almost here, and Ithaca area residents are looking forward to fun activities, trips and company this time of year. Locksmith services in Ithaca want to make sure your home is secure when you are on the road this summer. Traveling, camping, visiting friends, family and destinations makes for a busy summer vacation time. With all the hustle and bustle, your Ithaca locksmith wants to remind you about basic safety and security measures you should be taking.

It’s not enough anymore to simply lock your doors and make sure windows are also secured. Homes that are empty with the owners being on vacation are prime targets for thieves who want access.

Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

locksmith services in IthacaDon’t announce your vacation plans on social media like Facebook. Thieves/burglars are regularly monitoring people in their area for such information. This makes their targets all the easier to break in to.

Don’t allow mail and newspapers to pile up. Ask your post office to hold your mail for the amount of time you are to be gone, and notify your newspaper office to also hold your newspapers.

Don’t leave your home without thoroughly checking that your security measures are in working order. This means that your motion detectors are working properly, your outside sensor lights are working, your interior security alarm system is connected and works as necessary. Contact your security monitoring service to test the system if you have concerns.

Do notify your closest neighbors to watch your home for you and report anything suspicious.

Do make sure shrubbery is trimmed back near doors, windows, and other access points in order that a would-be entrant does not have a place to hid.

Do be sure to dead bolt all entrance areas (front door, back/side door, basement entrance, garage doors, and interior garage entrance to main house.

Locksmith Services in Ithaca

locksmith services in IthacaKeeping your home secure is one of the most important things you can do, no matter the time of year. Summer is just a busy season when many people simply forget to consider their home security. Locksmith services in Ithaca such as Locksmith and Security CNY offer more than just emergency lock-out services.

Your Ithaca locksmith is your personal security team who have extensive expertise, knowledge and current technology to provide you with safety measures to fit your budget. Before leaving on an extended or short-term vacation, contact Locksmith and Security CNY to evaluate the current security options you have in place.

It is very possible that your locks may be outdated and easily broken or circumvented. There are new locks out providing a deterrent technology. Your motion sensors may have been disturbed by the winter snow, ice and winds, thus not picking up motion near the home as they should. That goes the same for your outside motion sensored lights…many times they have been pushed by the wind or other conditions, causing their lighting destinations to be distorted or not practical.

Locksmith and Security CNY is available to Ithaca residents for all your security needs. Keep your home secure while on the road this summer. And make sure that your home will be as you left it when you return.


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