This is the Time of Year to Update your Ithaca Area Business Security Systems

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 in Blog, Ithaca locksmith
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What a winter this year. Ithaca has seen it’s share of storms and wintry weather, along with a significant change in the economy. Our locksmith services in Ithaca encourage you to consider reviewing your current security measure. Your Ithaca area business may be suffering from the freezing temperatures and old lock sets that are not weathering the storms well.

iStock_000011833286SmallMany businesses fail to consider the safety and protection actually provided them by their security system. They falsely believe that the system they have in place is adequate and will deter any potential break ins. Why falsely? Because most businesses in Ithaca have NOT replaced their lock sets or updated their security systems in years. Are you protected? Probably not.

Today’s thieves and burglars are well-trained in entering properties quickly and easily. They have the tools to circumvent the older security systems and door locks, which makes their efforts quite rewarding. Why leave your older system subject to unwanted entry?

Locksmith Services in Ithaca

Locksmith and Security CNY is your professional and technologically advanced Ithaca locksmith. They are available for you 24/7, by appointment, and on an emergency basis if the need arises (though we hope it won’t).

As a business owner in the Ithaca area, it is your responsibility and commitment to protect your property, both from an insurance standpoint and for your personal and professional safety. The integrity of your current security system needs frequent review and recommendations to provide improved and advanced lock and security products.

Our locksmith Services in Ithaca are available to businesses and personal property owners alike. Protecting your business property (exterior and interior materials) is of grave importance. Not only will you want to keep your physical belongings safe, but the information and private data of your clients. No one wants to have to call all their clients to advise that a break in has occurred and their personal information has been accessed.

locksmith services in IthacaLocksmith and Security CNY, your Ithaca locksmith, puts you, the customer, at priority level. Your safety and security needs must be addressed before the unthinkable occurs. However, you must be proactive in reviewing your security systems. Call for a consultation, recommendation and estimate this February when things are a bit slower. This is the perfect time to have a visual inspection and evaluation of your lock sets and other systems.

Obtaining a detailed estimate, listening to the recommendations for new lock sets with technological advancements, lighting issues, and alarm systems will go a long way to providing you, the business owner, with peace of mind.

Locksmith and Security CNY

Having served the Ithaca area with professionalism and knowledge in the security field, this is the time to give them a call. Our locksmith services in Ithaca are your best insurance against unwanted security breaches for your home and business. Don’t wait for the spring/summer when you are too busy to think about your property’s protection. Today would be the perfect time to request your very own inspection and suggestions where you can make changes or improvements to your current protective measures.


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