Did You Remember to Get Your Office Keys Back?

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keysDid You Remember to Get Your Office Keys Back?

Breaking up is never easy to do. Whether it is a personal relationship or the end of a job, even amicable breakups are tough, many relationships end on a sour note which makes getting the office keys or house keys back a tricky situation.

If you’re in the middle of a disagreement that ultimately results in the end of your relationship, practical things like getting your house key or office key back aren’t going to be your main focus. However, once the dust settles and cooler heads prevail, you’re going to realize that you have some loose ends to tie up.

Changing locks is a simple process for our locksmith and security professionals, but if you are considering getting your keys back here are several strategies you can try:

Just Ask:

If your relationship did end on a friendly note, you may be one of the lucky few who can simply ask for your key back. The best case scenario is being able to take care of this issue with a single call or text. As long as your ex truly feels as amicable as they said, they won’t have any problem dropping off your key. But if they were more upset or bitter than they let on, this task can become more of a challenge.

If you are a business owner, our locksmith professional suggests that you make it part of your standard operating procedures to ask for the keys before the former employee leaves the building.

Propose an Exchange:

A common scenario is an ex who responds to calls or texts, but doesn’t follow through with actually bringing back the key. There are quite a few reasons why they may do this, ranging from being too upset to see you to hoping that if they drag things out, you’ll eventually give in.

One strategy for dealing with this type of standoff is proposing an exchange. Even if your ex didn’t live with you, chances are they left at least one item at your house that they really want back. Make it clear that you’ll be happy to give it back, but only if they meet you in the middle and give your key back at the same time.door-lock-re-key350

Mail an Envelope:

You may be in a situation where you can’t even get your ex to respond to your call or texts. If you know that there’s no chance of arranging a meeting, there’s still a strategy that can work for getting your key back. By sending your ex an envelope that includes a pre-stamped return envelope, you can see if they’ll just stick the key in it and mail it back to you.

Get Your Locks Changed:

If you don’t have any luck with asking, proposing an exchange or even mailing an envelope, the best thing to do is contact a Locksmith & Security expert to help you change your locks. Although taking that step may initially seem a little drastic, it’s the best way to give yourself peace of mind. An ex doesn’t have to be obsessive or violent to be a nuisance. As long as they have a key, the possibility of them showing up and begging for you to take them back will always hang over your head.

If it is the end of a business relationship one of your main priorities is protecting your assets, even a medium sized company can have several sets of keys in circulation at any given time so a good suggestion is to keep an inventory of keys and have them signed out by the employee. If you are seeing a turnover in employees it is a good idea to haveĀ  your locks changed periodically by a locksmith professional.


By going through the simple process of having your locks changed by a professional locksmith, you’ll be able to completely close this chapter in your life and be ready for a fresh start!


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