Safety Tips Now That the Kids Are Back in School

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 in Blog
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Now that school is back in session for the fall, it’s time to take a moment and review your after school safety tips for your child. Although there aren’t any exact statIthaca Locksmith, Locksmith Ithaca, Locksmith Syracuse, Vacation Safety Tips, Security Expert Ithacaistics, as many as twenty percent of kids go home to an empty house after school. If work means your kids are in the same position, the good news is our Locksmith and Security expert has someĀ  steps you can take to ensure they’re always safe:

Have Them Call:

A daily phone call when your kids get home from school is the best thing for their safety and your peace of mind. If you’re in an environment where you can’t pick up your phone and talk on it, you can still have them text you. This will allow you to discreetly confirm that they made it home safely.

Create a Schedule

Just because you can’t physically be in the same room with your kids when they get home from school doesn’t mean you can’t have some control over what they do. Our locksmith and security expert suggests that you can keep them on the right track by creating a schedule of what they need to get done before you get home. If you’re wondering what you should put on their schedule, a common approach is to start with several chores, followed by diving into their homework.

Enforce Accountability

It’s important to note that the previous tip is only going to be effective if you hold your kids accountable to actually following their schedule. For example, if you get home aIthaca Locksmith, Locksmith Ithaca, Locksmith Syracuse, Vacation Safety Tips, Security Expert Ithacand none of their chores are done, there needs to be some kind of consequence. Additionally, even though there will probably be plenty of nights when they aren’t able to get all of their homework done by the time you get home, they should still be able to show you proof that they’ve been able to get some done during the afternoon hours.

Find a Trusted Neighbor

Even if you just recently moved into a new home or neighborhood, you should reach out to your new neighbors to identify at least one neighbor that you trust. Once you do, you’ll be able to have a chat with them about your kids being home in the afternoon. While they generally won’t have to do anything, giving their number to your kids and just making your neighbor aware of the situation means your kids will have a reliable option in the event that any type of emergency situation arises.

Go Over Emergency Procedures

In addition to establishing a relationship with a trusted neighbor, it’s also important to take care of emergency prep steps like having a list of key phone numbers and covering what should be done if a fire breaks out.

Teach Security Protocol

One concern many parents have about their kids coming home in the afternoon is if something happened to their house during the day. Arming your home with a security system means you can alleviate that worry. And in a very short amount of time, not only can you teach them how to enter without setting off the alarm, but you can also show them how to keep it set while they’re in the house by themselves. If you need any help installing or updating an alarm system, get in touch with our Ithaca locksmith today to schedule a service appointment.


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