Safety Tips to Remember As Summer Comes to an End

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 in Blog
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As summer comes to an end and fall gets underway, it’s common to make the most of the warm days that are left by going on a few more outings. And since kids know that the sunny days of summer are limited, they usually want to spend as much time outside as possible. While it’s great to squeeze out as much additional summer fun as possible, it’s important to remember that safety still needs to be a priority. As a refresher for both you and your family, here are five tips from the locksmith and security expert that will help keep all the fun you have completely safe:locksmith ithaca, ithaca locksmith, syracuse locksmith, locksmith syracuse, alarm systems

Get a Car Checkup

Because it’s normal to do extra driving during the summer, now is a good time to take your car in for a checkup. Making sure everything with your vehicle is in great shape is especially important if you plan on making any more long drives for a destination like the lake or mountains.

And even though it’s never fun to have to pay $300-$700 to fix a lingering issue, our locksmith and security expert knows getting it taken care of by a technician you trust is much better than being at the mercy of the only shop that’s available if you break down in the middle of nowhere!

Continue to Use Sun Protection

Even though the temperature may not be as scorching hot in September as it was during the middle of July, the sun is still quite powerful. As a result, it’s important for you and your family to continue using sunscreen whenever you’re outside for more than a short period of time. Also, if you’re going somewhere like the lake where the sun is especially strong, hats and other protective clothing items are a smart idea.

Fix Any Home Security Issueslocksmith ithaca, ithaca locksmith, syracuse locksmith, locksmith syracuse, alarm systems

Now that the kids are going back to school, chances are your home is going to be empty more often than it was during the summer. Since an empty and unprotected home is a prime target for unwanted intruders, be sure that all your locks and home security system are in working order. If you have any concerns about possible weaknesses in your home’s security, you can have a Syracuse locksmith come to your home and do a full security audit for you. And our locksmith and security expert reminds you to not forget about the summer house. As many people get ready to close up the cottage or vacation home for the winter, our Ithaca locksmith can inspect them as well.

Pay Attention to Play Areas

Whether it’s at the park or the zoo, if your kids want to enjoy a play area, be sure to make a pass through before they get started. This reason you should always take a few minutes to survey a play area is it will allow you to see if there’s anything like broken equipment or other potential dangers that could harm your children.

Don’t Forget About Bugs

Once the cold of winter sets in, pesky bugs like mosquitoes and ticks generally aren’t an issue. But until the weather actually drops below freezing, it’s important to continue using bug spray and protective clothing whenever you’re in an area where those types of insects may be an issue.

For more tips on securing your property, contact our locksmith and security expert today for an on site check up.


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