Springtime in Ithaca is the Perfect Time to Change your Business Locks

Wednesday, April 08th, 2015 in Blog
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Business locks on properties in the Ithaca area are often overlooked when it comes to security measures. They’ve been working just fine and there haven’t been problems, so why should you even consider changing them? What about the adage, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”?

business locksmith in IthacaSpringtime is a perfect time to take stock of your current security measures at your business before the summer season arrives. It’s been a wild and intense winter which can cause havoc on business locks, alarms, motion detectors, and lighting. Waiting until the unthinkable happens is not a wise choice.

Our locksmith services in Ithaca realize the growing challenge of business owners to keep up with the current technology in locks and the basic functionality of business locks and security. It’s not really the job of the business owner to have knowledge of how these things work. But they do have the belief that they are properly protected and their business locks will prevent unwanted entrance.

Locksmith and Security CNY Recommends

Yearly, with spring being the most common time, businesses should have their business locks and security measures reviewed and checked for damage. Your Ithaca locksmith is professionally trained and knowledgeable about repairing current systems, and showing you appropriate upgrades that could further protect your property.

The security of your business property should always be on your mind, especially if no upgrades or evaluations have been done in some time. Locksmith and Security CNY recommends regular safety reviews to keep your systems in good working order.

Old business locks and malfunctioning security systems are an open invitation to burglars and thieves. They are well aware which properties are not adequately protected, and if there is any hint of valuables inside, you can be assured that an entrance attempt will be made.

What’s the Big Deal About Business Locks?

Business locks on the doors are the usual way entrance is made to a property after hours. If the locks are still the originals or more than a couple years old, the techniques to circumvent them are well-known throughout the criminal community. Lock mechanisms remained the same for decades allowing thieves to hone their skills without obstacles.

Ithaca locksmithToday, there is specific technology that makes business locks far more secure and impenetrable. From the lock set handle itself to the interior mechanisms…locks today offer a more solid and formidable form of security. Those who would attempt to break in will find they do not have the tools or the knowledge to get past the business locks using this new technology.

What You Need to Do

No matter the time of year you are reading this article, make a point to contact your Ithaca locksmith to schedule an inspection of your current business property security systems. Locksmith and Security CNY offers locksmith services in Ithaca and surround areas with expertly trained and professional staff that are well-educated in the latest technology. There is never an obligation from having an inspection done, but the recommendations should be heeded in order that you keep your property safe. Don’t let those old business locks be the only thing between your property and a burglary. Be informed and take action.


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