Start The New Year With New Locks From Locksmith and Security CNY

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The New Year is here! Welcome 2015. So many things to do with New Year’s resolutions, that your Ithaca locksmith wants you to consider a resolution to protect your home and business. Your home and possessions are the most valuable things you own. Why not take the time to carefully evaluate your current locks on your home.

Our locksmith services in Ithaca can come out to your home and take a look at your current security measures and make recommendations that will both fit your budget and give you peace of mind.

Why Change Your Locks Now?

Locksmith and Security CNYMany homes, including new builds, are still using old lock set technology. If you’ve never changed the locks in your home, you have very minimal security. Why is this? Burglars and thieves have spent years honing their skills to easily and quickly circumvent lock sets. They have the tools at their disposal and know that the majority of homes are not protected well.

Your locks on your doors, in particular, and your windows are one of the weakest points of entry to your property. Old locks are just an open invitation to have your home invaded and your possessions removed. Don’t take that chance when an Ithaca locksmith can show you the newest technology in lock sets and security measures.

Locksmith Services in Ithaca

Locksmith and Security CNY is your Ithaca locksmith with 24/7 service and professional team ready to bring their expertise to you. New technology is in place to make the lock sets for both homes and businesses far less accessible to those would-be burglars.

The tools and skills are not yet readily available to those whom insist on accessing people’s homes and businesses. The tools require an extra expenditure of money that most don’t have and more time and practice to gain the skills they need.

Obviously, this is a good thing for homeowners and changing your locks to the technology available today would be a perfect way to protect your home and family for years to come.

Protect Your Home With Simple Steps

Many people think that because they’ve re keyed their locks, have a security system and alarm in place are protected from break ins. This was true years ago, but again, if you’ve not updated your system recently (within the past 5 years) you are leaving your home wide open to access. You might as well leave the door open. Could we go so far as to say that?

Locksmith and Security CNYThose who are looking to break in to your home are looking for easy access, old security systems they know how to quickly disable, a good amount of cover near entrance ways and a lack of security lighting.

Homeowners can take simple steps to protect themselves by keeping entrance ways clear of shrubs and other landscape growth that might provide a hiding place for a burglar, keeping security lighting functioning properly (replacing bulbs as necessary and making sure motion sensors are aimed in the right direction).

But the simplest method and most cost effective? Have your door locks fully changed out to the newer systems that are built specifically to thwart attempts to access your property. Most homes have two to three doors or entrance ways. The cost to replace your locks is budget friendly compared to the possibility of increased insurance premiums for a loss by theft AND you may even quality for a premium reduction credit.

Locksmith and Security CNY

Covering Ithaca and Syracuse areas, Locksmith and Security CNY continues to provide excellent and immediate service to homes and businesses in the area. Your home and family are important to you. An Ithaca locksmith can provide you with much needed recommendations, replacement and upgrades to suit your needs.

Be sure to contact your locksmith services in Ithaca for assistance in reviewing your current security measures. Happy New Year and stay safe.


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