Our Syracuse Locksmith Recommends Having Your Business Locks Changed Before The Winter

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 in Blog, business security, Security Services
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We all know that our famous Syracuse winter is on its way, there is no way to stop it. However, instead of waiting until the weather puts us into that winter wonderland, the best thing to do is be prepared. So, before the Syracuse weather turns cold, have your business locks changed by our business locksmith in Syracuse.

We here at, Locksmith and Security CNY are your premier Syracuse locksmith and know how busy this summer has been for you and we want to help you be prepared for the winter by reminding you that now is a good time to review your security needs. The security of your property is never more important than right now. With the cold coming, so is the risk of theft or burglary at your business. As a business locksmith in Syracuse, we can help by illustrating the latest technology for your security system.Syracuse locksmith


With winter approaching fast, the best time to update or make changes to your business’ locks is before anything terrible happens to jeopardize the flow of business. The last thing, as a business owner, you want is to have to close your place of business due to property damage. We want you to be prepared with the latest technology. Lock sets are the easiest way to prevent break-ins, however they are also the weakest point in your system. Locksmith and Security CNY has the most up-to-date system to protect your property.

One thing is certain, thieves are constantly looking for new ways to steal access to a business. A business locksmith in Syracuse can evaluate your current locks and give suggestions of how to stay ahead of the thieves.  Technology is changing daily.  We are a Syracuse Locksmith as well and would be happy to come out to your business and evaluate if any changes need to be made. If your security system is not current, we would like to help. Preventing unwanted intrusions can be simple changes such as updating your lock sets.

From time to time every business owner, unfortunately, must let an employee go for one reason or another. As a business locksmith in Syracuse, we know that ex-employees can be upset, especially if they left the company on a bad note. Your local Syracuse locksmith (Locksmith and Security CNY) suggests asking the employee for the key at the time of dismissal. Unfortunately, it is usually not that easy. If you do not have any luck by asking, the best thing to do is contract us directly and we can help you change the locks. This is the best way as a business owner to get peace of mind knowing your property is safe. An ex-employee if angry could take advantage of the situation if they still have access to the business.


Syracuse locksmithThe main priority is protecting your business along with the other employees. If you see a high volume of turn over with employees, it is recommended that you periodically have the locks changed.  By taking this simple step you will completely be able to end the relationship with this individual. Let your local Syracuse Locksmith assist in changing the locks to avoid any unnecessary stress.

So as winter approaches, contact your business locksmith in Syracuse and they will be happy to assist you, whether to prevent break-in, stop a disgruntled employee or update your security system. Locksmith and Security CNY is your premier, reliable, and professional locksmith service in the Ithaca and Syracuse areas.  Call us today to discuss your security needs.



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