January is a Good Time to Change the Locks at Your Syracuse Area Business

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 in Blog
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Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe we’re into a new year and another harsh winter. Syracuse area businesses may well be taking advantage of a slightly slower time but this is the perfect time to do some security updated. Your Syracuse locksmith encourages you to have a professional locksmith evaluate your current system and offer recommendations to you.

Syracuse business locksmithThe easiest and most cost effective option when considering which security measures to enhance are the locks to your business property. This means the locks on your doors, windows, and private areas of your property. Locksmith services in Syracuse like Locksmith and Security CNY offer expert, professional and emergency services throughout the area.

Changing the locks on your property is necessary on a regular basis due to turn over in employees, locks that are old and outdated, and when you take over a new facility. The biggest issue locksmith services in Syracuse are finding right now is that many businesses have very old lock sets on their doors and entry ways. These lock sets are prime targets for burglars and thieves due to the ease in which they can be circumvented.

As with all technology, even lock sets have made vast improvements in recent years. The typical thief has not yet caught up with the new technologically advanced locks and usually do not even have the right tools to disengage the lock set.

Syracuse Locksmith

Yes, in Syracuse there are locksmiths that provide optimal service to their clients, and Locksmith and Security CNY is no exception. With many years experience, 24-hour emergency services, professional and trained staff, you can be assured that their evaluation of your current security system will be thorough and extremely helpful to you.

The newer lock sets have been designed to foil most all burglary attempts as mentioned before because typical thieves do not possess the appropriate tools (due to cost and accessibility) to break these new locks.

Syracuse locksmithBurglars are looking for an easy “hit.” They want a property that provides hiding areas (brush, bushes, recessed doorways). They want a property that has older locks, unlatched windows, and minimal lighting around the property. This gives them a sense of secrecy which they need to be able to do their thing.

With the older lock sets, burglars are able to enter a property in just seconds and clear out the contents in minutes. They are quick and well versed in accessing properties to fulfill their desired need.

You can stop these thieves easily simply by changing your locks on your business properties this January before spring arrives. Call Locksmith and Security CNY (your Syracuse locksmith) for information on how you can obtain a review of your current security system.

Your business is your livelihood.  Having a break in occur is both violating and disastrous when your business equipment is stolen or destroyed. Don’t hesitate. While you are reading this article, six burglaries have occurred and your property could be next.


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