Top 5 Places You Could Get Locked Out of Your Car

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 in Blog
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Our locksmith services in Syracuse and Ithaca are called out often to help stranded motorists gain entry back into their vehicles. A locksmith can promptly arrive to help unlock your vehicle and get you on the road again.

The unpleasant experience of being locked out of your car is something that has happened to most all of us. And it never happens at a good time. We are usually in a rush or late or distracted, and this is what causes the majority of lockouts.

Syracuse locksmithIn the Syracuse and Ithaca areas you can access 24/7 emergency locksmith services from Locksmith and Security CNY. You don’t have to panic. You can have your vehicle unlocked and be on your way in no time.

5 Most Likely Places to Lock Yourself Out of the Car

When we’re distracted, rushed, or late…we can easily forget to take the key out of the ignition before closing the door as we exit the car. We also tend to misplace our keys … how many times have you misplaced them only to look in the car, see the door locked and the keys happily sitting in the ignition or on the seat? A very annoying situation.

So what five places are you most likely to lock yourself out of the car? Ready? Here they are!

The Mall – people tend to be distracted by companions or the simple thoughts of what they are going into the Mall or store to obtain. Very easy to inadvertently leave the keys in the car or drop them on the ground. This also happens regularly when leaving a store…you’re carrying bags and such, leaving the keys somewhere in the store or dropping them and not knowing it can put you out of your vehicle until located or a local locksmith comes to your rescue.

The Gas Station – Many vehicles have an automatic door lock system. Some people insist on leaving the keys in the car when pumping gas. Click…as you close the door and start to walk to the pump, you hear that dreaded lock setting…and your keys are still inside. One of those embarrassing moments.

Syracuse locksmithAt an Event or Festival – This is probably the most common place. Here you are at a festival that you’ve been looking forward to. You have companions with you, and you’ve just managed to find the perfect (or not so perfect) parking place. You unlock the trunk from inside the car, forget the keys in the ignition, everyone gets out, doors close…and once again that notorious click of the locks setting. Hmmm…what to do? Locksmith services in Syracuse are but a phone call away. They can come right out to the festival or event location and get you back into your car.

Parking Garage – The rush to work, through traffic, you’re running late again. You grab up your coffee, purse, briefcase get out of the car and start walking away…yes, once again…locked out. You are too late to deal with this right now, so you go to work and call our locksmith and security expert to meet you at your lunch break to access those pesky keys still sitting on the seat of your vehicle.

Your Driveway/Garage – Absolutely a very common lock out location. These automatic door locks are a good safety measure when driving in the city, but a malfunction or other mishap can cause them to lock the doors even with the keys inside. Never mind that with having had an exhausting day at work, trying to remember to bring your keys with you can be difficult. Usually, you don’t realize you’ve locked your keys in the car until the next morning when you’re ready to get off to work. Then the realization hits you and panic sets in. Locksmith services in the Finger Lakes such as Locksmith and Security CNY provides 24/7 emergency services and prompt, experienced technicians when you need them.

Surely you can think of more places and probably have experienced a lock out in other locations. Always have a second set of keys for your vehicle made. There are magnetic key boxes you can use that will keep a spare key hidden for such emergencies. But if all else fails, call Locksmith and Security CNY for professional assistance.


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