The 7 Worst Times and Places to Lock Your Keys in the Car

Thursday, April 04th, 2013 in Blog, Locked Car
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Keeping your locksmith and security professionals number handy may seem like a odd idea, but realizing that you’ve just locked your keys in your car is never a good feeling. However, there are several situations that take the cake in terms of being the absolute worst.

Before a Job InterviewDress-for-a-Job-Interview:

Since you’ve already demonstrated what you bring to the table through your resume, the most important part of a job interview is making a good impression and showing that you’re a good fit for the company’s culture. Making a good impression is exactly why you want to show up early and not late, but discovering that you locked your keys in your car after running back inside your house isn’t going to make that easy! Who are you going to call?


When You Need to Pick Your Kids Up:

Whether it’s after school or once they’ve finished practice, you never want to leave your kids waiting. Even if you know they’re completely safe, it goes against all your parental instincts. Unfortunately, because kids have a way of making a parent’s brain feel scrambled, getting stuck in this situation happens more often than most would like.

During a Vacation:

The purpose of going on a vacation is to relax and enjoy time away from work. Since this experience is supposed to be all about relaxing, thwaterfront-facilities-bathing-areae last thing you want is the stress of discovering that you can’t get in your car because the keys are locked in it. Things can become even more stressful if you’re dealing with a rental car. Luckily in the central New York region a locksmith and security professional is a phone call away.

In a Parking Lot at Night:

It never feels good to walk out at 10 at night or 2 in the morning and discover that your keys aren’t in your pocket. Even if you know you’re 100% safe, this situation is going to put you on edge.

On the First Day of a New Job:

In today’s economy, securing a new job is no easy task. After you’ve gone through the gauntlet of getting one, nothing is worse than worrying that you’re going to be late by thirty minutes or more on your first day.

Meeting Your Extended Family for Dinner:

Regardless of whether it’s your side of the family or your spouse’s side, there’s always something about meeting with extended family that puts people on edge. Even if you love them and think they’re great, this infrequent experience can be a lot to process. Add to that the stress of locking your keys in the car, and the entire situation can feel like too much to handle! Keep your locksmith and security expert’s number handy just in case.

When the Weather’s Bad:BadWeather_Pop_7056

If it’s storming outside, you just want to get home and inside of your house. But if you don’t have the keys needed to open your car, that’s going to be difficult to do.

Even in the Worst Situation, Help is Still Available from your locksmith and security professional.

While all of those situations can be quite stressful, the good news is you can still get prompt help. As long as you have a locksmith’s number saved or can look it up through your phone’s web browser, they’ll be able to retrieve your keys in no time.

Be sure to leave a comment and let us know the worst experience you’ve had locking your keys in a car!


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