Time to Close Up Those Summer Vacation Homes

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 in Blog
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A busy, pleasant summer in New York State this year. Now, fall has arrived and closing up the summer vacation homes is an integral part of the season change projects. Locksmith and Security CNY, your Tompkins County locksmith, has some tips for you.

Summer Vacation Home Security

No matter how large or small your vacation home is, protecting your property’s safety, from weather to unwanted access, is always a huge concern for property owners. Developing a checklist that will keep you on track may be helpful. You’ll want to look at the following items to be sure you have covered all possible issues. You may need to add more to the list depending on specific concerns you may have.

Winterize the property by making sure drafts are minimized, pipes are protected from potential freeze damage. If you do not run heat in your property, follow total winterization techniques to empty all water lines.

Empty out the refrigerator of all perishable foods. Should the power go out, you don’t want food rotting in the appliance.

locksmith services in IthacaBe sure there is oil/propane if you keep your property heated. Temperature should be set no lower than 55 degrees. Keep an eye on the fuel levels or have the property on automatic fill each month to minimize running out of fuel.

Be sure thermostat is set properly before you close up the property. This can be one of the most missed items, especially if the heat has not been on during vacation use.

Unplug all non-essential appliances. Small appliances, heaters, fans should be unplugged along with electronic equipment that could be damaged during power outages, storms or power surges.

Have furnace checked and cleaned. The number one cause of winter damage is a poorly running furnace or boiler. Failure of the heating system will most likely result in freeze damage to the plumbing.

Have chimney checked and cleaned. Usually if you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, your property has two chimneys. Both the wood vent chimney and the furnace vent chimney need to be cleaned regularly to remove build up and potential nests from wildlife.

Be sure there are no pipes leaking that could become major water damage issues. Any leaks need to be swiftly dealt with by your plumber.

Be sure all windows and doors are locked before leaving the property for the winter months. Check all windows, including second floor to be sure they are locked. Locksmith services in Ithaca wants to remind you that dead bolts on all exterior entry doors should be installed. Standard door locks (on the door knob) are not sufficient deterrents to break ins. Dead bolts need to be installed. Contact your Ithaca locksmith for assistance if you need to install new lock sets.

Locksith and Security CNYCheck security system and alarms for functionality. Just because you have a security system, alarm, motion detector or other security measures does not mean they are functioning correctly. Test each system for appropriate response. If any are failing your tests, contact your locksmith services in Ithaca for assistance.

Secure all outbuildings with locks. Garages, sheds and barns are often overlooked. All out buildings need to be secured with appropriate locks and security measures. Motion detectors, dead bolts and padlocks (least useful) are recommended.

Alert your property management team. If you utilize the services of property management to keep your property accessible (plowing) or checked regularly for unwanted activity, this is the time to be sure you have a valid contract and the team is prepared to keep your property checked on.

Evaluate the current status of your security measures. Locksmith services in Ithaca, such as your local Ithaca locksmith (Locksmith and Security CNY) are your primary source of security measure information. They are available to evaluate your current safety and security measures along with making appropriate recommendations.

Locksmith Services in Ithaca

Tompkins County, Syracuse and Ithaca areas are serviced by Locksmith and Security CNY. Contact them directly to discuss any concerns you may have about your summer vacation home security issues. Many of the summer homes are located in remote and private locations. Be sure your property’s security is up to the job.

A checklist to go through winterization needs is a great way to stay focused, on track, and provide you with peace of mind during the winter months. Hope you had a great summer!


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