Top Five Security Tips from Your Ithaca Locksmith

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015 in Blog
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Travel time is here and many of us are out traveling to various places. Your Ithaca locksmith wants to remind you of five simple tips to keep your home safe while you are away. Keeping your home protected whether you are gone for the day or a week requires homeowners’ to think ahead.

Ithaca Locksmith 5 Home Safety Tips

We all know the basic methods to deter burglars from targeting your property. Here are the top 5 tips that locksmith services in Ithaca want to bring to your attention.

Ithaca locksmithKeep Mail and Newspapers picked up. Ask a neighbor to pick these up for you, or put a hold on mail and newspaper subscriptions until you return.

Lock your home doors, windows, and any potential entrance ways that might be used to access your property. This is probably the one thing that many forget to do completely. Every window needs to be locked. Leaving just one window unsecured is inviting a problem that you truly don’t want to come home to.

Make sure your security alarm is up to date and operational. Contact your security system provider to alert them that you will be away. They will monitor any unusual activity that triggers the alarm system.

Replace any exterior lighting that needs it so that your motion detector settings will activate if any activity occurs around your home.

And lastly, set interior lighting up with a timer in order that your home remains looking occupied on the usual schedule. If you typically turn lights on from 7PM until 11PM, set your timer systems to those times.

Locksmith and Security CNY Says “Always Plan Ahead”

Getting ready to travel or vacation brings numerous activities and planning to prepare for. When you are busy organizing the trip schedule, motel stays, venue locations, needs of children, and getting your car or RV services and ready to go…it’s common to not even think of checking your security measures.

Ithaca locksmithYour Ithaca locksmith (Locksmith and Security CNY) recommends putting a full evaluation of your security measures on the top of your list. If you are not sure how effective your locks or safety measures are, or how long ago they were serviced or updated, this is the perfect time. Locksmith services in Ithaca know how easily a home can be broken into when old locks, unsecured windows, and non-working security alarms are not functioning properly.

These updates to your home are often overlooked and a false sense of security tends to be in effect. Most homeowners consider that if they lock their doors, have their mail/newspapers promptly removed, and let people know they will be away (so they can keep an “eye” on the property), all will be well.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Burglars have been working to enter homes for ages. If the technology resident in your property is older or never been updated, they will have the easiest time entering your home. They also spend a lot of time planning, watching properties, even monitoring social media to prepare themselves to access your property at the best times. They will also know when the neighbors who are supposed to be watching your property are around – or not.

Don’t leave your home to chance. Locksmith and Security CNY is your Ithaca locksmith and can provide you with system updates and information in order that you can be better prepared. Locksmith services in Ithaca want you, your family and home to remain safe at all times of the year. Summer vacation time is just one more heavily risky time to leave your property unprotected.


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