What to Do If You Lock Your Keys in the Car at the Festival

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 in Auto Security, Blog
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It’s an exciting time of the year with so many festivals and fairs opening for your pleasure.  If you lock your keys in the car in the Ithaca area, there are Locksmith Services in Ithaca for your convenience.24 hour locksmith services in Ithaca

Going to one of the local events can get distracting with the parking, all the people, gathering your family together, and getting started off to view the excellent vendors and exhibits at your chosen venue.  What’s the one thing that happens the most often when you’re distracted?  Well, ask many people and the answer will be that you lock your keys in the car.  Either you leave them in the ignition and your doors lock inadvertently, or you set them down on the seat or in the trunk space while getting needed items, and you close the doors or trunk on your keys.

Your Ithaca locksmith, Locksmith and Security CNY, provides 24 hour roadside assistance. This is particularly helpful no matter where you are in the Ithaca area and have accidentally locked your keys in the car.

Today’s vehicles can be most difficult for inexperienced locksmiths to retrieve your keys, so be sure to call the Ithaca locksmith that can provide you with timely, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional services no matter where you are.

Tips For Keeping Your Keys Safe

There are many ways to keep your keys safe and prevent unexpected situations like locking your keys in the car.  Always have at least one spare set.  Your spouse or partner should carry a spare set to the vehicle as well.

There are numerous key holder attachments that can keep a spare key for you, and magnetically hold it to the underbody of your vehicle in case of emergencies.  These key holders will attach to any solid metal on your vehicle and you can keep it well-hidden from prying eyes.  Never leave your key holder out in the open OR in the trunk.  Once your vehicle locks, the trunk and all the doors automatically lock at the same time.locksmith in Ithaca, Locksmith in Syracuse

Another way to keep your keys safe is to attach them to a key fob that is larger than normal, perhaps that attaches to a bracelet or lanyard.  Sometimes just having this extra visual is extremely helpful in keeping your keys in your possession and not somewhere you wished they weren’t.

Locksmith Services in Ithaca

Locksmith and Security CNY has been providing excellent, reliable, knowledgeable and courteous locksmith services in Ithaca for many years, we know how important it is to obtain assistance quickly when you’ve encountered an inconvenience like locking your keys in the car.  We are here to serve you and get you going on your way as quickly as possible.

Visiting local venues and events doesn’t have to end in disaster.  There is no need to break your car’s windows or attempt to jimmy the locks or doors in order to get to your keys.  Damaging your vehicle is not necessary.  Call Locksmith and Security CNY for 24 hour roadside assistance and to obtain the best locksmith services in the area.  We are available 24/7 for your emergency needs.  Call us at (607) 272-9535.  We’ll be happy to provide services immediately.


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