When to Re-key Your Home or Business Locks

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A common question customers have for our Ithaca locksmith is whether they should replace or re-key their existing locks. Our locksmith and Re-Keying, Ithaca Locksmith, Syracuse Locksmithsecurity expert regularly receives this question from both residential and commercial customers. And as we always tell the people who ask, there are multiple factors that need to be taken into account.

Is It Best for You to Change Your Locks?

The simple answer to this question is if you no longer have full control over who can access your home or business, it’s time to change your locks. The reality is regardless of what preventative steps you take, someone who’s motivated enough can get just about any key copied. In fact, completing this process is significantly easier than most people realize. This situation is especially common with businesses who are no longer on good terms with a former employee.

However, it’s important to realize that having a key that’s been exposed to multiple parties isn’t limited to commercial locations. From past babysitters to former pest control contractors, there are quite a few people who may have access to your home or business keys. And while the majority may not have any bad intentions, it only takes one for the entire safety of your home or business to be compromised. Since there’s simply no way to know exactly what someone may want to do, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

So, Should Change Involving a Re-key or Replacement?

Now that we’ve clarified that even if you’re just dealing with a single person who may have unwanted access to your home, it’s still best to change your locks, you may be wondering whether that means re-keying your current locks or completely replacing them. And although it may not be exactly what you wanted to hear, the most truthful answer is it simply depends.

The reason it’s really not possible to give a definitive answer without knowing your specific situation is because there are quite a few factors that can ultimately influence which way you go. For example, if you know you need to update your home’s security and the locks on your door are noticeably worn, it’s probably going to make sense to replace them instead of trying to breathe new life into something that’s obviously past its prime.

On the other hand, if unwanted access is the main issue you’re facing and you still have the lock’s keys, re-keying may be the solution. The business security syracuse, business security ithaca, home security ithaca,home security syracusere-keying process simply involves replacing the pins inside a lock, which prevents any old keys from being able to open the lock.

Instead of Stressing, Just Give Us a Call

While there’s no blanket statement that can be made about every single situation that involves a lock that needs to be changed, you can count on a member of our locksmith and security team to provide you with the best solution as soon as they know the specifics of your situation. By giving us a call, you will be able to have your locks promptly re-keyed or replace so you can once again feel safe in your home or office.


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