Your Ithaca Locksmith Recommends Changing Your Locks

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 in Blog, Locksmith
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Changing the Locks on Your Home is the First Step in Your Security Program

Let’s be honest, life is busy.  With family life, professional life, and financial responsibilities, it is easy to forget to protect the things and people we love and have worked hard to build.   Ithaca Locksmiths and Syracuse Locksmiths are ready and waiting to take one responsibility away from you.  Locksmith and Security CNY is a trustworthy company whose first interest is your peace of mind.

The reason to change the locks as the first step in your home is because, unfortunately, thieves are aware when a home is being sold.  The for sale sign may have been out on the front lawn.  Also, with the internet burglars keep an eye on real estate sales.  When a house is sold, they are aware new owners are moving into town.  Their hope is that you are so overwhelmed that you forget to replace the lock. They hope to find your door still has the previous owners’ locks still on the door.  You would not have known they broke in before and have a key ready waiting to steal your belongings.

Locksmith & Security CNY – New Home = New Locks

Ithaca locksmith, Syracuse locksmithThe people at Locksmith and Security CNY ( Ithaca Locksmith and Syracuse Locksmith) are sensitive to your needs and the value of you being safe.  You have been going to open houses for a year and finally found the One you both agree you will buy.  The home needs a little work, but it is not a long commute to your job and it has a good school district.  However, you are a little stressed because the changes you felt would not be too much have become overwhelming.   Some of the changes are fun.  For example, painting, picking out new furniture and buying flowers for the new front yard.   During this transition, you still have to maintain a job full time, drive kids to and from school, keep doctor appointments, meet with the painter, pick out the furniture, plan the landscaping and keep your sanity.

We, your Ithaca Locksmith and Syracuse Locksmith, are interested in your peace of mind.   They take it very seriously that you have so much to do when you purchase a home.  They are a trusted business with an excellent reputation.  They want you to be safe and protected in your home.  They are very aware that you, your children and possibly your parents need to be secure at all times.  If you should leave the house unattended for a while whether it be to go to the store or on a nice vacation they do not want you to be distracted worrying about your home.

Safety and Security FirstIthaca locksmith, Syracuse locksmith

The investment you have made in your property is a reality.  You have worked long and hard to buy your home.  The contents of your home, new technology devices and personal items such as jewelry are all part of your investment.  We understand how nice it feels to know you are being taken care of.  Also, they are very aware that you have surrendered all your belongings into their care as locksmiths.

Peace of mind is priceless.  You cannot buy peace of mind.  However, to go about life with no anxiety, no worries, no stress and less distracted is the way most of us try to live.  Our homes should be the place where you can go to after a long day and relax.  The business of life outside those doors seems to go away when you get home and feel safe.  Your Ithaca Locksmith and Syracuse Locksmith (Locksmith & Security CNY) have all of your family’s needs in mind.   Family is the most precious and priceless joy we can have and nothing or no one should be allowed into your home to steal or harm that sacred place.


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