Your Syracuse Locksmith Reminds You to Check Your Locks As the Nights get Longer

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 in home security, Syracuse locksmith
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The clocks have fallen back an hour, the daylight hours are much shorter and your Syracuse Locksmith wants you to be prepared and safe.  This is the perfect time of year for burglaries in homes and businesses as thieves want to be able to hide whilst attempting to access your property.  The cover of darkness is their friend but certainly is a predicament for property owners.

When they days grow shorter and there is more darkness during the morning and night, burglars are able to learn much faster who is home and when.  They pay particular attentionSyracuse locksmith to the schedule of when you turn your interior lights on and off.  They look for particular properties that have good hiding places near where they want to gain entrance.

How To Protect Your Home

Just like in the summer when you’re away on vacation, there are similar steps you can take to provide the most effective protection for your home. Contacting our locksmith services in Syracuse that has the most experience in the Finger Lakes area will provide you not only with answers but some of the best recommendations around.

It is well-known that a brightly lit property is a deterrent to most thieves. Thieves will tend to avoid a home that has adequate exterior lighting, motion sensor lighting, and interior lights on.  They also will avoid homes that are devoid of hiding places like trees and shrubs near the doorways or entrances.

Keeping your shrubbery at a minimum and being sure to have working motion sensor lighting is an excellent first start.  Having lighting (interior and exterior) that comes on automatically by using a timer will also help protect your home or business from unwanted access.

When using a timer, do not keep it on the same schedule day in and day out as that will only tip off a thief as to whether or not anyone is home.  Consider setting the timer for interior lights to come on about half an hour before sunset.  Exterior lighting in the form of flood lights are generally best set to motion detector and adjusted to pick up any mo

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ent near your entrance ways (including garage doors and rear-entry doors).

Know Your Syracuse Locksmith Before Disaster Strikes

Your Syracuse locksmith can give you many recommendations on how to protect your property from unwanted access. They are pleased to have been

providing locksmith services in Syracuse with professionalism and reliability for many years.

In evaluating your home security, our Locksmith and Security CNY expert can determine the age and condition of your door and window locks, perhaps suggesting that it is time to replace the outdated mechanisms with the new technology that is on the market.

Darkness Doesn’t Have to Mean Disaster

Regardless of the time of year, your property needs to be current with its security system. Your Syracuse locksmith wants you to have a safe and happy holiday so don’t let an outdated system spoil your safety or cause you to lose your valuables. Call Locksmith and Security CNY today for your personal security system evaluation.


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